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Government Budgeting Practices to Prepare for Future Pandemic and Economic Instability


Best Practices of High Performing Comptroller Organizations

selecting Best Business Budgeting Software

Infographic: Key Steps to Transform Public Sector Budget

Public Sector Budget Challenge - Matching Resources with Priorities and Outcomes

Season's Greetings and Holiday Tree Map!

Quick Tips for Defining Business Performance Metrics

Budgeting for the Organization's Biggest Cost: Workforce!

How to Jump Start Your Financial Transparency Initiative

Transparency and Budget Practices

Implementing Transparency in Financial and Performance Reporting

Happy Holidays from Neubrain!

The Ultimate Guide to Achieving Government Fiscal Health

Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting Best Practices

Season's Greetings and Holiday Pie Chart!

10 Ways to Undermine Performance Management

Top 10 Must-Have Features of Best-in-Class Budgeting Software

This Week in Business Analytics: Moneyball and Data Analytics Tools

This Week in Business Analytics in the Public Sector: Big Data and Fiscal Futures

Data Visualization and Software Dashboards Best Practices

Park City, Utah Wins Performance Management Award

5 Dos and Don'ts of Priority or Outcome-Based Budgeting

Top Hurdles of Spend Analytics

What Makes Budgeting Software "User-Friendly"?

New! Budgeting and Forecasting Software Selection Guide

Common Budgeting Process Challenges and How to Solve Them

Core Capabilities of Successful Budgeting, Forecasting and Performance Management Solutions

How To Solve The Biggest Problems With Budget Software Selection

NEU Infographic: Key Reasons to Improve Budgeting and Performance Management

“Spreadsheets Are An Excellent Hammer, But Not Everything in Your Business Is a Nail.” (Val Sribar, Meta Group)

Key indicators to measure the agility in financial planning

NEW! Infographic and Technology Brief: Data Visualization

Business Analytics for Budget and Finance Professionals

Introducing Our NEU Blog!

Performance-Based Budgeting White Paper

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