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New! Budgeting and Forecasting Software Selection Guide

Posted by Neubrain Communications

Budgeting_Software_Selection_GuideAfter many years observing organizations' budgeting and forecasting software selection and buying processes, we have discovered that many organizations, no matter their size, often jump into the buying process under that assumption that new software will be the answer to all of the organization's budgeting woes. While software can help improve an already well-established budgeting and forecasting process, software in and of itself is never the solution.

To help organizations better navigate the challenging budgeting and forecasting software selection process, we have developed a free resource, "Budgeting and Forecasting Software Selection Guide" summarizing years of tried and true budgeting and forecasting software selection and implementation best practices. This guide will help you navigate the often complex and challenging process of overhauling an organization's entire planning, budgeting and forecasting process, from process ideology to software implementation. In this guide we will review:

  • Pressures in planning, budgeting and forecasting
  • Budget process challenges and strategies to overcome them
  • How software can support best practices and bring process efficiency and intelligence
  • Why projects fail and how to avoid it
  • How to get started with the software evaluation process

Access our free Budgeting and Forecasting Software Selection Guide now! 

Download the Guide!

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