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Data Visualization and Software Dashboards Best Practices

Posted by Yana McConaty

Data visualization tools, like software dashboards, are becoming more popular and necessary to deal with exponential data growth. According to the industry research; however, dashboards have often failed or at best they delivered only a fraction of the insight that is needed to monitor the business. Why?

The root of the problem is not technology - at least not primarily - but poor data presentation. Someone must bring design expertise to the process. Learn the basics of data visualization and dashboard design in our new training video that covers the following topics:

  • What is a BI Dashboard?
  • Categorizing Dashboards
  • How to Analyze Data in DashboardsNeubrain Vizualization 101 Training
  • 10 Common Mistakes in Dashboard Design
  • 5 Characteristics of Well-designed Dashboards
  • Principles of Visual Perception
  • Goals in the Visual Design Process
  • How to Select the Right Display Medium
  • Dashboard Implementation Methodology 
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Topics: best practices, dashboards, implementation


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