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Infographic: Key Steps to Transform Public Sector Budget

Posted by Neubrain Communications

As technologies advance, the global marketplace changes, and the economy ebbs and flows, it is apparent that traditional budgeting practices are becoming a relic of the past. With the right strategies and technologies in place, public sector organizations can develop a more strategic budget process...

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The Ultimate Guide to Achieving Government Fiscal Health

Posted by Neubrain Communications

We are excited to share The Governing Guide to Financial Literacy, Volume 2, a new resource for elected public officials, budget officers, government leaders and department heads.

This Guide provides relevant knowledge to public leaders to help them better determine their jurisdiction’s financial health. Inside you will find everything from an overview of accounting concepts to the steps you can take to improve your jurisdiction’s financial health. 

The Governing Guide to Financial Literacy
Includes a snapshot of research findings identifying state and local government leaders’ understanding of financial health; an overview of basic accounting and financial health concepts; key strategies for determining your jurisdiction’s financial health, and tips for enhancing it now and in the future.

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Park City, Utah Wins Performance Management Award

Posted by Neubrain Communications

We are so excited to announce our customer, Park City, Utah, has been recognized with a Certificate of Achievement from the ICMA Center for Performance Analytics for their performance management efforts!

“The certificate program recognizes the principles of performance management,” said Randall H. Reid, ICMA Director of Performance Initiatives. “Jurisdictions meeting the qualifications have demonstrated leadership in continuous improvement and community engagement, and they serve as examples for other governments to follow.”  

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