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Best Practices of High Performing Comptroller Organizations

Posted by Neubrain Communications


High performing Comptroller organizations can add tremendous organizational value beyond just financial transaction processing and audit readiness tasks.

By leading in the establishment of key processes, promoting enterprise-wide collaboration and a disciplined financial management culture, they can drastically improve the ability of an organization to achieve performance targets, strengthen the link between financial plans and strategic objectives, and enhance strategic decision-making.

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selecting Best Business Budgeting Software

Posted by Neubrain Communications

After years of experience observing common budget soft­ware buying processes, it has become clear that organiza­tions often jump into the buying process and review soft­ware vendor offerings without being properly prepared for the task.

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Infographic: Key Steps to Transform Public Sector Budget

Posted by Neubrain Communications

As technologies advance, the global marketplace changes, and the economy ebbs and flows, it is apparent that traditional budgeting practices are becoming a relic of the past. With the right strategies and technologies in place, public sector organizations can develop a more strategic budget process...

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Public Sector Budget Challenge - Matching Resources with Priorities and Outcomes

Posted by Neubrain Communications


As economy ebbs and flows, global marketplace expands, and technologies advance, many government organizations are pursuing aggressive efforts to restructure budgets in order to reduce spending and better align resources with strategic priorities and outcomes. 

The new requirement is not just a onetime effort, but rather a systematic practice. Organizations are required to implement new systems and capabilities, and to monitor costs, analyze performance, identify savings (where possible) and re-evaluate approaches in a flexible, rapid, and effective manner. 

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Season's Greetings and Holiday Tree Map!

Posted by Neubrain Communications

In keeping with Neubrain Holiday tradition, here is another gift of visualization best practice.

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Quick Tips for Defining Business Performance Metrics

Posted by Neubrain Communications

During the course of working with various organizations that have deployed performance dashboards we have discovered 4 major success factors to implementing them successfully: (1) proper sponsorship and adequate resources for the project; (2) creating the right metrics and standardizing their meaning; (3) designing a compelling user interface and the proper technical infrastructure to manage the metrics collection and analysis processes; and (4) planning ahead to ensure end-user adoption and managing organizational change.

In this blog we would like to briefly address the second factor: creating the right metrics and standardizing their meaning. Organizations should invest the time towards developing a well-rationalized, well-balanced set of leading indicators and operational metrics aligned with their strategic objectives and priorities. This step is crucial when implementing a sound performance management capability. Here are a few tips on how to start:

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Budgeting for the Organization's Biggest Cost: Workforce!

Posted by Yana McConaty

Large and complex organizations maintain a strategic focus on processes and systems to manage their workforce. Despite being one of the largest expenditure items, workforce expenditures are typically neglected and left to finance to manage with a complex set of spreadsheets. Oftentimes there is not enough collaboration between HR and finance groups, leaving a huge disconnect between people and dollars. Greater control and a true picture of payroll dollars are more important than ever with organizational growth, changing priorities, budgetary constraints, and other factors that influence the workforce.  

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